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What Does it Mean to be Wild?

As life rolls on and the candles on the birthday cake multiply, I believe two things can happen.

  1. We happily skim the surface of the material world and enjoy life's creature comforts. We might say 'It is what it is' as we pay the bills and dare not believe in anything more fulfilling. OR

  2. We question 'What else is possible?' while an inner knowing gnaws at us from the inside. As we drift in and out of sleep, a voice gently whispers… It's time to go deep.

If, like me, you believe in #2, then it's time for us to reclaim our true feminine power.

In order to do that it's imperative that we understand how to sink into the depths of our souls. In other words, we need to be willing to undomesticate ourselves and launch a Wild Cascade of The Heart.

Undomestication does not mean turning our backs on our lives. It does not mean denying all tranquility and comfort, nor does it mean we run away from our families, friends or careers.

Becoming Wild means we lean right in to every single moment of our lives and never deny our truth ever again.

What that looks like is turning our faces towards the sun and the darkness. Our wild hearts can handle it all. We need never fear that we don't have what it takes. We do. But it is our collective and individual energies that will make the journey sweeter.

Sweet does not mean soft. Just as wild does not mean undomesticated. Everything lives within its complementary opposite. Yin is part of Yang. We cannot exist without Light and Dark.

Embracing our wild heart therefore is a process, not a destination. Along the way we will be met with sorrow, grief, joy, love and much uncertainty. However, as we traverse deeper and deeper into the forest we will feel re-energised as we reclaim our ability to rise above.

We are wild and we are women. We cannot be one and not the other. We are part of Mother Earth. We no longer witness the phases of the moon, we have become her. The sun no longer warms our skin, we shine its brilliance from within our own selves.

Embracing our Wild is the way Home.

By absorbing ourselves with what is most true we rekindle the flame of dignity and uncover whatever has been concealing our most authentic selves. Our resistance bursts into flames and we feel the heat rushing through our bodies; a rising heat that lets us know we're on the right path.

On the spot, manipura (the solar plexus) turns our unhealed parts into ash, and in a split second we set ourselves free.

If we feel the spark of freedom – a longing to express ourselves, to openly explore our curiosities, a feeling that our potential could be immense if only we knew how to unleash it – then all that's required is to fan the flames.

There is no rush. Just like the breath, we take joy in allowing the impulse to arise.

We are patiently mastering the art of Being Woman.

We can't get it wrong. And there is no schedule we must adhere to. The feminine heart will lead us there. All we can do is listen to the slow, soft beat of Life and continue to dissolve the old and assimilate the new.

Although it has its own timeline, if left unattended the spark may die out or flare out of control. We need to know which it will be for us and determine the path that meets our unique needs.

That path takes many routes and our readiness requires no judgement. It is divinely predestined and our journey is personal and sacred.

Our awakening might involve learning a new craft; sinking our hands into the earth and moulding her love into fruit and vegetables or creating masterful ceramics that simmer with love.

It might be a simple moment on a dark night where we light our inner candle and begin to believe in our goodness. We might simply begin the art of looking at ourselves in the mirror without flinching. Allowing the scars and wrinkles to guide us like lines on a map.

Another way might evolve in our eating habits. We no longer berate or flagellate ourselves for enjoying sweet things or indulging when the world says we should stop at one square.

No more will we shame ourselves for our wants and desires. Rather, we will gorge ourselves on whatever makes us happy. We will greedily begin to live life Our Way and ignore anyone who doesn't like it (or doesn't like us).

Being in circle with other women on a similar journey is another powerful way to reclaim one's truth. By peeling away the layers that have concealed our light we get to bear witness to the glistening brilliance of others, which ignites permission for us to sparkle too.

Maybe, just maybe we will find ourselves among other women with whom we can share our deepest, darkest stories. Women who will hold us in their arms while we shatter into a thousand tiny pieces. As we weep our losses our fellow femmes will lovingly sweep away those damaged fragments and feed us soup made with angel's tears.

There are limitless ways for us to rise and there is no need for us to do anything specific. In fact, the most productive way for the Divine Feminine is to Allow.

The strength of feminine energy is in our ability to embrace it all: to empower with discernment. Our mystery is that we are powerful beyond measure. We are gentle warriors who love in spite of the odds.

Whichever way you feel called, may you steadily walk towards freedom and unapologetically reclaim the Divine Feminine.

I hope you find your way there.



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