"When your mind is fragrant with right speech, a flower
blooms in the garden
of your heart."

Thich Nhat Han

Mindfulness leads to self awareness which is the ultimate key to happiness

My meditation journey began 20+ years ago when I was a deputy editor of a magazine. I was super stressed and didn't know what to do. I found myself drawn to meditation but I couldn't just leave my job and go sit on a mountain… 

     There was no internet to search for answers so I bought a book of guided meditations. From there I learned that meditation was about watching the thoughts. With no real understanding of what that meant I would sit in a park in Bondi where I would watch the clouds and do my best to let go of my thoughts and learn to witness them.

    Years later, after attending multiple retreats and studying meditation in India, Egypt and Australia, my practice has transformed. I have learned more about my own mind than I could have ever imagined and my awareness has expanded as a result.

   Mindfulness has changed my life and it all began with feeling stressed and trusting there was a better way. Today, I combine my love of words and meditation and am in the process of writing a series of books called Mindfulness and … (release date: Jan 2021). 


As well as facilitating regular meditation groups since 2009 I have a 25-year track record in magazine publishing including roles as Copy Director of Marie Claire, Women's Health and Men's Health, and Wellness Editor for Who. I've also written meditation scripts for Chris Hemsworth's health and wellness app, centr.com.

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