The Wellness Economy is worth $4.2 trillion and your business could benefit from having a Wellness Strategy

Wellness is quite the buzzword at the moment. Yoga, meditation and intermittent fasting are common terms. Wellness encompasses all those things, but it actually runs far deeper.

   True Wellness isn't a fad. It's a lasting sense of wholeness that incorporates every aspect of life – work, family, friends and the basic need to feel loved and understood. And that's not something that exists purely on an individual level. Businesses are a collective of people who each share those needs and desires.


To overlook Wellness as being the need for a work-life balance is to overlook the fact that people are what your company is built of.

Wellness, then, is an engaged system of thoughts, habits and behaviours. No matter whether you are running a tourism company, an open surface mine, or a law firm, the wellness of each individual makes up and adds to the greater wellness of the whole. So think about it: if your employees aren't thriving, how can your business?

The common approach is to look at the input vs output of the staff with an eye on how it affects your profit and loss. Even as individuals, we measure our success on how much we have left to spend after the bills are paid. We run our lives like a spreadsheet. But it doesn't work.

In order to create a sustainable, healthy future for ourselves and our businesses, we need to consider the wellbeing of the people – which starts at the top. As an employer that means looking at the senior management and discerning how engaged they are with the truth of the people they're in charge of. Your P&L sheet will never improve as long as you overlook the company culture, particularly if it's somewhat sour.


Unhealthy thoughts, habits and behaviours – of an individual or group – are what prevent an entity from flourishing. If you've been trying to change aspects of your business but can't figure out what's getting in the way, you might benefit from a Wellness Summary. 


Companies can become stuck in a 'culture rut' where employees seem lacklustre and ungrateful. It's tempting as a business owner or manager to pour blame into the pot, but what we need is greater understanding. Gaining an outsider's perspective is paramount to creating change.


I've been an employee, a manager and a business owner and all three have their challenges. Trying to do everything yourself will only get you so far. If you really want to change and create lasting improvements you'll benefit greatly from having a Right Hand 'Man' to help you see things in a new way.


I'm not going to tell you how to run your life or your business. What I will do is provide an objective insight into what's happening that's outside your current visibility. I'll provide a full report on the aspects of your system and offer suggestions on how to adjust, alter and turn them around.


Company culture is a classic example of management thinking they know what's best for the business (which they might do if all that involved was the bottom line). But the fact is, businesses are made up of people – that have thoughts and feelings (yes, even men!). If you're confused about the behaviour of your staff, and truly believe you're doing everything right, then I'm confident there's a blind spot between what's being reported in the boardroom vs what's being talked about on the 'shop' floor.


Having the courage to bring someone else in is a brave move and many people balk at it. We know we need help but we're conditioned to believe it's a sign of weakness.

Opening your business to the speculation of a Wellness Consultant like me is one of the most powerful steps you'll ever make. When we open up that door, incredible things happen. Change occurs on a deep level that shifts our perspective and broaden our minds. What was once difficult and confusing becomes effortless and clear.

And the effect on your company culture, staff productivity and ROI? An upswing on all accounts.

Want to know more? Contact me and let's talk about your unique situation. Clarity is only one session away.

Want some evidence? Read what a few of my other clients have said.

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Coaching with Hannah is a mind-expanding experience. I might start the session from a narrow, restricted, dysfunctional place but Hannah deftly, and ever so gently, steers me towards new perspectives on my problems, opening up my mind so that by the end of the hour my world is a much bigger, more functional place of possibility and positivity with plans in place to achieve my needs. Highly recommended.