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Anger isn't bad or wrong, it's an intelligent emotion and some of us have more of it than others. For anyone whose anger is right there, waiting to be unleashed, this book is for you!


  1. You'll learn how Mindfulness can help you get to know your anger in a new way, and even turn into a gift
  2. You'll learn why the frustration you feel today might actually be related to things that happened long ago
  3. You'll come to see what being a fiery person really means (and why it's not wrong to be that way)


The good news is, mindfulness doesn't care or need to know where your anger comes from, it just calls you to be more present. Filled with tips and instructions, Mindfulness and Anger will guide you how to move into an open awareness where your anger will become something you can observe, rather than a place you react from.


This book is filled with insights and tips that will help you understand your anger in revealing ways.


PLUS! The Ebook includes a link to three mindfulness meditation recordings. These are very practical and simple meditations that will help you manage your emotions in a positive and non-judgemental way. Each one is less than 15 minutes.

Mindfulness and Anger [ebook]

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