Every day people amaze me with their Loving Kindness. Here's where I thank you all x

So Generous

Thank you Kasey Clark for being so generous with your hugs, your time and your Love. You're my favourite American friend. With extra cheese. H xx

From God to Btx

Thank you Kylie Isherwood for being someone I can literally spend all day with and never lose energy. My fellow introvert and spiritual seeker. I love you. H xx

Soul Sister

Cassandra Steel! Two broken hearts who came together and mended their beautiful pieces through yoga, beach walks and chai. Love you loads. H xx

Home & Away

Always patient and kind. I love the intelligence you bring to the world. So bright and beautiful, my fellow virgo and nomad. Alright for olives? Love H xx

Thnx for Caring

Luke Wright, you asked me – RUOK? Those words saved me from I don't know what. I thank you from the bottom of my island heart. H x

Old Friends

Sharing stories with you after 20 years  is still as fun and full of music as it was back then. You're a good man, Murray Cruickshank. H x

Ooh Matron

Never a dull moment with the man from Goa NYE 2000. "It's not that strong," lied Jon Hogan. Best 'trip' ever. Did we actually wet ourselves…? ; ) H x

Marky Marc

My cheeky, creative friend with more pizazz than Fizzy Boom Boom. You are always there for me and that means the world. Crystal Palace forever. H x