• A relaxing day of contemplation and reconnection

    Starts Jul 15
    195 Australian dollars
  • The ideal way to unwind after a busy day. 6-7pm

    20 Australian dollars
  • A mini retreat on the 4th Sunday of the month. Next one: 26 June @ 4pm

    35 Australian dollars
  • 1-day workshop to attune you to the power of Universal Healing Energy

    Starts Jul 3
    195 Australian dollars
  • A 2-night retreat to awaken the Divine Feminine

    Started Jun 3
    765 Australian dollars
  • Transformational mind-body-soul work to add confidence and resilience

    120 Australian dollars
  • Deepen your awareness and learn to create a Life that works for you

    Packages available
  • Increase focus and boost productivity with a relaxed mind

  • Suitable for people who want to deepen their meditation practice

    120 Australian dollars