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Imagine Love is at the Door…

It's Friday afternoon and you hear a soft knock at the door. You open it, and there is Love, standing resplendent in a dazzling gown of golden light. Not quite what you'd expected.

You don't remember ordering this from Amazon?

But, nonetheless, there she is. She has a certain glow about her; an inner knowing. It seems right to invite her in.

What will she say?

Will she tell you that even when you've felt sad and alone, you were always loved and supported by something far wiser than your own mind?

Will she warmly remind you that every twist and turn you ever interpreted as a mistake or a 'flaw' was actually perfection, and the only mistake you've ever made was to momentarily forget your own divinity?

Would she share with you that her heart bursts wide open every time you wake up and she gets to take another breath with you? 

Will you believe her when she says that you light up her world and she can't wait to witness the magical mystery tour that is 2024, to see what incredible blessings you create?

Ah, Love. So gentle and strong. So quiet yet full.

So loving.

What if this was the year we decided to let Love in? What if it was time to shed all those all stories that create a veil between what we think and what we are: Pure Consciousness.

What if we woke and asked Love 'What do you want me to know today?'

If you were able to peel away all the negative thoughts you've ever had about yourself and live from a place of pure love, what do you think would change? How different might your life be?

What if you were able to reframe those doubts you harbour about your own brilliance, and feel yourself lit up from within?

What if you had permission to see The Real You? That divine being who is kind and sweet, who cares deeply and who really wants everyone to be happy.

What if we lived from that version of ourselves?

We can all touch it, but maybe only for a fleeting moment before thoughts tell us we have things to do: chores and work etc.

Sure, but what if we were able to access our sovereignty; not as a theory, but as a way of life.

A Truth.

Enabling us to do our work but from an open heart?

Because, isn't the fact that we are fragments of love moving through the ocean called Life just as true as the fact we have bills to pay?

Isn't there also a well of love that is desperate to pour itself into the world? Don't we deserve to feel that love washing over us like a waterfall of pure bliss?

Don't we deserve to feel happy? And supported?

Dare I say it, a little less stressed?

I think we do. I believe we all deserve to feel cared about.

Since my dad died last year I'm feeling more connected to my Irish ancestors. They endured great hardship and when I connect with them it reminds me what's most important: sitting next to others and listening to their heartbreak.

Caring for people and letting them know they are important and loved, even when things seem dark and desperate is a good way to live.

Because life can be hard.

So this year I'm committing to listening deeply to what has been causing anyone to feel alone or worried. To gently ask; what has found a way to block your sense of being loved and supported?

Probably stress or fear of some kind.

Me too.

But if we sit together maybe we can both remember our way back to the heart.

If we share our journey maybe we'll both discover a lighthouse of hope, and connect to our lives in more fulfilling ways.

I feel it's time to share our innermost fears (privately and safely) so we can feel love reflected back at us, whenever we need it most. I hope I can be that for you, and you for me.

We can't possibly be here to do this alone so let's share the journey called 2024 and see where it leads us.

h x



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