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What you think – you become

What you imagine – you'll create …

The path of self awareness is my life's mantra. I believe it's the key to happiness. It exists in those moments beyond the constraints of social conditioning and it's where we come alive.
From that place an endless awareness evolves. We know that the journey is turbulent and extraordinary, and we know there is a cost. The price we often pay is to carry the weight of aloneness.

Just like you I am sensitive and emotional. I travel on the wings of grace and creativity. I put my heart before my head.

Although my edge may be different to yours, the truth is, we are the same. We all exist within what I call the Grand Spectrum of Emotions. To a greater or lesser degree we carry everything from pain and sadness to grief, ecstasy and joy. 

We may look different, but inside, our hearts all hold the key to our Divinity. Maybe together we can find it…
I have a  degree in Studies in Religion (Buddhism and Eastern Religions), and have trained in Neuroscience at Master's level. I hold a Cert IV in Life Coaching and am trained in NLP. I've studied meditation in India, Egypt and Australia and I've written meditation scripts for Chris Hemsworth. Before all this coaching business I was Copy Director for Marie Claire and Women's Health, and Wellness Editor for Who.

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