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Why do I need a Life Coach?

Throughout our lives, we can find ourselves lacking direction. Our relationships might fall apart or our health might suffer. We might find our career needs a makeover but we haven't the first idea how to do that and so off we spin on the good old hamster wheel of Life. 


As your Life Coach I'll steer you towards your strengths and help transform your weaker areas so you can jump off that wheel and feel more confident and motivated again.


A Life Coach will help you see your

blind spots so you can move
through life with more ease

What is life coaching and why do I need it?

In a nutshell, life coaching is a way to get back on track and it can assist with a broad range of problems. At the root of all issues are thoughts, habits and behaviours that either hinder or help us. 

Wanting to see a Life Coach does't mean our lives are broken. In fact, most people who seek life coaching have a high level of intrapersonal intelligence and live pretty good lives. They are often already very successful and have a skills set that is rich and broad. People who seek out a life coach value learning and growth and have a depth of awareness that makes them curious and ambitious.


So the reason to see a Life Coach might include the fact that 8/10 areas of your life are absolutely great. Let's say your friendships are solid, you love what you do and your health is good. But deep down you can't figure out why you can never get past that $100k salary mark, or you wish you felt as connected to your partner as you do your colleagues. Or perhaps you love your life but you've put on weight and no diet ever works. You wonder, how are you able to be a top-ranking CEO yet unable to stop eating an entire tub of ice-cream every night.

These are examples of patterns of behaviour and all of them can be transformed with life coaching.

Why do I feel so frustrated?

When we reach a certain level of success we can become trapped in thinking we know ourselves. But at some point our "I've got this" mantra no longer works. On the outside things look dandy, but inside we're frustrated and confused. We wish life would just give us a break.

As a Personal Coach, this is where I might ask you questions like; "Have you always felt frustrated about this? If not, can you think of a time when this problem didn't exist. What was going on for you then? What is the difference between then and now? What is standing in the way of you achieving what you want?"


The conversation will usually go deep pretty quickly and before long we'll be at the point where your fear and your dreams collide. We might discover that there's a troll living inside your head. Many people find they have a negative voice that tells them they can't do whatever the thing is they dream of.  I like to bring the voice out from its hiding place where we give it a name, a colour, discover its gender and ask it what its purpose is. I've never met anyone who didn't harbour an inner troll.

You might know it as self sabotage but however it shows up, we all have a part of us that is misguiding us and holding us back. It's perfectly normal but very difficult to dissolve on your own.

Combine this with warped programming, handed down to us by people with the best intentions, and before you reach middle age (often before), you'll find yourself struggling with the same old issues and no clue how to get rid of them.  Life would be great if it wasn't for all those annoying clients/customers/people [fill the blank]. 


Changing your thought patterns and firing the troll is key because it's at the heart of every issue, whether that's how to lose emotional weight, build better relationships, create job satisfaction or increase confidence.

If you're tired of feeling stuck but don't know how to move forward, maybe its time to find your inner troll and send it on its way. Simple flick me an email and we can set up an initial free session. The reason its free is because your troll and my expertise might not be a match, and neither of us wants to waste time sharing our soul with someone when it doesn't feel right.

However, Life Coaching has been shown to be effective at inspiring change and I've helped many people transform via incredible breakthroughs (read their testimonials here). You've got nothing to lose by having a chat so get in touch and let's both choose to create a life where we continually learn and grow.


Let's get you off the rat wheel so you can feel more free!




Coaching with Hannah is a mind-expanding experience. I might start the session from a narrow, restricted, dysfunctional place but Hannah deftly, and ever so gently, steers me towards new perspectives on my problems, opening up my mind so that by the end of the hour my world is a much bigger, more functional place of possibility and positivity with plans in place to achieve my needs. Highly recommended.


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