Meditation Is a Pathway To Inner Peace

Most people come to meditation once they realise their efforts to control things isn't working. Learning to clear your mind is quite the journey, so first, let's clear up some meditation myths

Pause …

Take A Breath …

Repeat …

Myth #1 "I can't meditate"

Um, actually, yes you can. One of the most common myths about meditation is that you'll be an expert the first time you do it. That's a natural response and it makes sense. You know you have the capacity to sit still so you think it should be easy. But like all myths it turns out not to be true. The good news is, meditation is simply a practice so you don't ever need to be perfect at it. Just keep practicing!

Myth #2 Meditation is about clearing the mind

Kind of. But not in the way you probably think. Like Myth #1, the problem with attempting to clear your mind is that it's difficult. As soon as you stop what you're doing and try to meditate, here come ALL the thoughts you didn't even know you were having. Rest assured, it's the same for everyone. 


Myth #3 I need to sit in the lotus position

Nope. According to Buddhist teachings, meditation can be practiced sitting, standing or lying down. As a beginner it's more important to be comfortable (although, other teachers may have a different approach). Ideally you want to be seated with a straight spine but if you're tired or can't sit for long without feeling discomfort, practice meditation while resting your back against a wall until your core muscles gain strength. Or, just don't worry about that at all and simply rest.

Myth #4 It's wrong to fall asleep

The Dalai Lama says, "Sleep is the best form of meditation." It's common to feel immense fatigue when you practice meditating and it's not unusual to fall asleep and wake up with no idea where you went. Meditation can wake us up to our deep fatigue so roll with it and let that be part of your practice.

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