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DNA of Healing book

Self Healing

DNA hosts the patterns that determine everything from your eye colour and height to your temperament and whether you’ll suffer from depression or not. But did you know you can rewrite your DNA? Emerging evidence supports the ability to reverse inherited traumas and negative patterns and this book shows you how to rewire your DNA by using a 5-step healing process created by Ruby and her team at PossibilitiesDNA. Based on cutting-edge research this is a fabulous book for anyone interested in setting themselves free from any limiting beliefs or chronic health concerns.


Looking for your soulmate and keep hitting a brick wall? Can’t seem to break out of those negative family patterns? Then this is a must-read! Lerner is an internationally acclaimed psychotherapist and thought leader, and in my opinion this book should be on everyone’s reading list. The book showcases real-life relationship scenarios and explains how the way you interact with your family of origin deeply affects the way you handle your intimate partnerships. Filled with practical knowledge, The Dance of Intimacy is an introduction (and lifelong reference) for anyone seeking a solid sense of self and more intimate connectedness.

Personal Development

The book opens with the line “Life is difficult” and from there you’re taken on an amazing journey that teaches you how to confront and solve your own conflicts. The result is a greater awareness of your own avoidance areas and a deeper level of self-understanding. Additionally, sections on the nature of loving relationships, dependency and self-sacrifice will open your eyes to new possibilities that could become a game-changer for those people seeking a deeply committed and truly loving partner.

DNA of Healing book

Personal Development

No matter how evolved we are, our tendency is to assume and think we know what’s going on with other people, even if we have never asked them directly. Rising Strong is a powerful read, packed with Brown’s personal experiences of how she rumbles herself on her preconceived assumptions. Being able to shift our stories and assumptions opens us up to insights that can literally change your life. Brown’s easy-to-read style is perfect for anyone who doesn’t necessarily consider themself to be spiritual but is interested in practical, research-based theories around personal development.


After fighting cancer and theoretically dying on the surgeon’s table, Moorjani experienced a near-death experience that enabled her to realise her inherent worth and ability to self-heal. If you’ve ever wondered about vibrational medicine or the Law of Attraction, Moorjani’s memoir will give you answers that can be otherwise difficult to grasp. Through recounting her story, Moorjani delivers impeccable insight into the meaning of Love and how our thoughts affect our health. This book has the potential to change your life. 


Have you ever been in a relationship but felt empty and unloved? Perhaps you were being sent messages that just didn’t resonate with you? The Five Love Languages introduces a philosophy that works. By coming to know how you understand and receive love – through recognising whether gifts, acts of service, loving touch, quality time or affirmations speak strongest to you – this book is a remarkable tool for bringing people to a place of greater understanding and connection.

DNA of Healing book

Tara Brach

If you're dabbling with Buddhism or just generally interested in how to be a better human then do yourself a favour and tune into Tara Brach's podcast or YouTube channel. I recommend you begin with Awakening From the Trance of Fear a two-part video/podcast that I could listen to every day and learn something new each time.

Shrinkrap Radio

This is one of my go-to podcasts featuring ex-psychiatrist Dr Dave. Dr Dave covers a broad range of psychology and spiritual issues and brings a very experienced and open-minded intelligence to his interviews. Some of my fave episodes: In Search of the Divine Feminine with Anne Baring, #526 with Michael Mervosh - The Path of the Hero's Journey. and On the Divine Human with John C Robinson

Good Life Project

I'm fairly new to this one but presenter Jonathan Fields has a warm and relatable style and interviews the likes of Gretchen Rubin (author of The Happiness Project), Liz Gilbert, (Eat, Pray, Love and Big Magic) and Byron Katie of The Work. You get the gist. GLP even has an annual camp which is definitely on my bucket list. Go check it out.

DNA of Healing book

I Am Not Your Guru

I recently read that the amount of energy Tony Robbins expends when he's on stage is something like the equivalent to a normal person running 3 marathons back-to-back. It could even be more. Robbins is a larger than life personal development hero of mine and I hope you've already seen this Netflix original because it (and any Tony Robbins training) really can change your life. 


Transgender woman Paula Stone tells a very insightful tale of some of the differences between being a man (then) and a woman (now). How women are treated differently in Business Class to what it's like to have sex from both sides. A fascinating 15 minutes that will open your eyes. I Lived as a Man and a Woman, Here's What I Learned

Does Time Really Exist?

If you've got a spare 1 hr 18 mins and feel like having your brain explode then tune into this YouTube doco Does Time Really Exist? I couldn't even begin to explain it but science like this is why I get out of bed. For me, the quantum stuff is what I call magic and there's no area more curly and less logical than time and space. Love it.