Massage, Reiki and Reflexology

If you're feeling stressed and ready for a mind, body, spirit makeover then I highly recommend a massage, reflexology or reiki session. They can all help lower stress and provide deep relaxation…

Allowing someone's hands to melt away your stress is one of the greatest gifts there is.

I consider my massage to be a love letter written with my hands to your body, mind and soul.


Although I'm trained in sports massage and remedial massage, my focus is on creating deep relaxation, because that's when your body's healing mechanism takes over. I've massaged professional AFL players and was one of the Thunderbirds' regular massage team in 2005. I worked at Sportsmed in Adelaide and have lots of experience with athletes. But the one thing that I've found over the years is that when a person can relax, a world of healing becomes possible.


We're made up of so much more than muscle fibres, fascia and tissue. We are a living, breathing system of breath, life, DNA, memories, frequency and stress. A massage with me is a full mind-body-soul experience. I don't treat the symptoms, I dive into the layers where your heart resides.

Rest assured, you'll receive good pressure and strong hands that will manipulate your muscle tissue but I will also create space for true healing. My massages always include foot reflexology and reiki healing energy, and sometimes I use a crystal singing bowl to invigorate movement in the water of your cells.

In short, this is not a standard remedial massage and therefore I do not offer Health Fund Rebates.

What I do offer is a muscle-melting experience that will leave your body feeling rested, your mind feeling clear and your soul uplifted and fulfilled.


I've been practicing foot reflexology since 1998 and it is by far my favourite modality. The entire body is reflected in the feet and when you receive a reflexology session you feel like every part of you is being guided back to true health. In most sessions I pick up areas of the body that you'll relate to. Maybe the liver reflex will feel waxy and it turns out you're about to do a detox, or perhaps the eye reflex will make you jump and you've been having eye issues or migraines. Every area relates to an organ or system of the body.

During a reflexology session I'll massage every toe, the side of your feet, the sole, the ball and the top of the feet in a soothing, loving way. As well as feeling fabulos, reflexology is proven to help reduce stress, lower heart rate and blood pressure and serves a way to help the body detox by inducing a deep state of relaxation.

If you enjoy having a foot massage, you'll LOVE reflexology, it's pampering and healing all-in-one.



No matter what treatment you come for, I always include Reiki because since becoming attunend to this particular healing energy, it's a tool I use in everyday life.


Reiki is a system of Universal Energy that travels wherever healing is required. It can be performed as a hands-on treatment (fully clothed), or via distance healing. When people receive Reiki they can feel a whole bunch of different things: tingling, coolness, buzzing or heat. It's usual to feel deeply relaxed during and after a treatment.


Reiki is a gentle energy that works on all levels from the emotional, physical and the higher and lower mental bodies, right through to your Soul. It's great for when you're feeling fatigued.


Some of my Reiki clients have been people with terminal illness, MS and chronic stress. It's the perfect tonic when you want to reconnect with your Soul and receive guidance from your Higher Self. It can help to clear emotional issues and relieve chronic pain. It's not a cure-all but it can certainly provide relief.

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I can’t recommend Hannah highly enough. Her reflexology
sessions are transcendent.