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Maria, 32 | Content Producer

Hannah is an intuitive, practical and
no-nonsense coach. She tells it like it is and pushes you where you need to grow. With her help I met my soulmate and landed my dream job!

Karen | Entrepreneur

The sessions with Hannah have exceeded any of my expectations. Hannah always brings something new to the table and I am growing and developing in ways I didn’t think were possible. I feel uplifted and refocused
after our time together and am always looking forward to the next session.

Niki | QLD

The full day retreat hosted by Hannah was a wonderful and calming experience. We were treated to various types of meditation – each one teaching our own self awareness – understanding the importance, simplicity and benefits of being in the moment (present), reducing a negative mindset and increasing patience and love to self and others.

Kath, 46 | Naturopath

Hannah is an excellent facilitator and very knowledgeable teacher (as well as being very entertaining!) Her retreats are the perfect combination of nurturing, learning, connection and spaciousness. Highly recommend!!


Jacqueline, 26 | Journalist

The best quality about Hannah is her desire to help. She has gone above and beyond in helping me attack my career and personal goals. Before I started our sessions I was shy and timid, I struggled to chase my career dreams and was scared to ask for what I wanted. Hannah was helped me tackle these issues and made me realise my worth is so much more than I thought. She has guided me in every aspect of my life and truly helped me gain the courage to shoot for what I want.

Jasmine, 21 | Art Student 

Hannah’s bubbly and magnetic personality always has me looking forward to our regular sessions. She is a wonderful listener and always asks the right questions. Hannah has provided countless techniques and methods to help me manage my anxieties and troubling situations. She always encourages a new perspective of looking at things, which has improved the way I interact with the world and others around me.

Melissa, 40 | Hairdresser

Hannah has given me the ability to truly believe I can have what I set out to achieve. She has taken my ideas and dreams out of the “too hard basket” and is helping me to make them a reality. The support she provides is the kind I cannot find from friends and family and it is exactly what I’ve been looking for. I highly recommend her to anyone.

Judith, 52 | Business Owner 

Hannah has helped me make huge personal and business growth. Meeting regularly with
her is fun and exciting and having her input steadies me, realigns
me and reminds me how to hold myself accountable. Hannah is a north star. She listens intently and holds the issues I need to work through, guiding me firmly but compassionately back to the path.

Joy | Counsellor

Hannah is a skilled and articulate facilitator who makes everyone feel at ease no matter what their level of experience is.

Mirani, 19 | Byron Bay

Thank you so much Hannah. I feel so empowered, so much more self-aware, encouraged, supported, courageous and sophisticated. I have learnt so much and feel that I have been able to really open up to myself and find the true answers which were deep down within – they were always there but coaching helped unlock them and set them free.

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