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If you Google 'dealing with big feelings' you'll come across a myriad of web pages for parents and children. But what about the adults among us who deal with regular bouts of overwhelm or deep sadness that threaten to swallow us whole.


What does it mean when we find ourselves stumbling over rocky layers of uncertainty and failure that trip us up without warning.

During this time of 'pandemic' we're being handed multiple opportunities to notice all those twists and turns. It doesn't always feel great, but those of us on the spiritual path have an advantage: we know how to excavate and get under the superficialness of life. We've learned (and continue to learn) how to Just Be. We're familiar with the unfamiliar. To a degree. So this ever-moving tide is somewhat manageable for us.

Except when it isn't.

What we know from travelling the spiritual path is that the further we venture, the more we discover how, alongside our increased wisdom and insight, there is a simultaneous unlocking of our own tragedy.

The path starts out with us being blind and wretched. We're unable to see who we are. We begin, caught up in everydayness with just a dangling sense of 'something else'. Involuntarily we follow our noses – smelling the roses, examining the cosmos and marvelling at the stars.

And then one day we look up and find we're sliding down a rabbit hole. Just like Alice. Whatever it was we ate or drank, our spiritual awareness is expanding at a rate of knots and we're no longer in control (we never were…). Like a flash of lightning, we discover we're simply a Witness to Life.

With that, comes more revealing… As our lives unfurl we begin to remember the traumas that brought us here. We might enter therapy or undergo a series of healings which work well and have a profound effect. But somewhere it feels like we're not quite done. That there's a deep, dark corner we need to explore.

Problem is, we prefer the light. We revel in the escapist trance of blissful meditation. We love slipping out of our bodies and taking up space in the all-knowing stratosphere where nothing needs to be done. Where we can just be. At home in our true home.

But each time we bump back down to earth, we remember – this is the work. We reach a point of sombre recognition. We know we have to come back and face this illusion called reality…

When we get to that part of the journey we are well and truly navigating the depths of our ocean. And rather than feel like we're drowning – with no life raft and only a few friends who understand – we can begin to sink into the darkness. To welcome it.

Because this is the point when we meet our shadow.

The top layers have been healed and now we're deep-diving towards our Soul. Tumbling at first, but after a while we gain some ground. We realise the turbulence is a good thing. It's OK. We have what it takes to stay. We can still breathe. Hallelujah!

The spiritual path is not for the faint-hearted. Meeting ourselves in God Consciousness requires inner strength that we never knew we had. Each time we take a knock, we're invited back towards God who is holding out her arms to embrace us.

And once we allow her to catch us, we can sink a little further into the depths. Eventually it feels warm and comforting. We allow our God Consciousness to lead us towards the Light, we learn how to surrender a little more and relax for a longer breath. We remember: She's got this. She'll take care of anything that's too much for us. We just need to hand it over and give it all away. 

And as we're gently aroused from our human slumber, we hear her whisper: "It's OK. It's OK. It's OK."


Have you ever found yourself grappling with an intimate relationship? Maybe you struggle to find someone to be in relationship with? It's a common experience for spiritual souls.

Because we feel so deeply, we can tend to pick up on other people's feelings but not necessarily determine whether those emotions are ours or theirs. Also, we're often residing within the Healer or Rescuer archetype. Which, you don't need me to tell you, is one heavy ride sometimes!

Women are often Healers and we take it upon ourselves to help, fix and educate others. Often that's a good thing, but in intimate relationships it can be problematic. 

Men are more likely to resonate with the Rescuer. They unknowingly seek out 'broken' partners who need to be saved. Both sides of the coin bring heartache and grief. But there is a good aspect to this and it's in our ability to feel and heal. The turnaround however, is that we are the ones who require rehabilitation.

If you identify as a Healer or Rescuer you can use those incredible powers on yourself. The trick is knowing how.

  1. First off, we have to recognise that our tendency is to project our gifts outwards. Taking ownership is the first step towards change.

  2. Secondly, we need to be clear that this is not a problem and we aren't broken and don't need to be fixed. We've simply identified a pattern that we're ready to transform.

  3. Thirdly, it's really great to recognise how far you've already come. If you're reading this then you are already evolved (this is still the road less travelled). So, take a pen and paper and write down at least 3 experiences you've had that made you a better person. Traumas, difficult situations, challenging family lives and abusive relationships are likely to have been fodder for your growth. Conveniently, the act of writing them down is a proven way to self-heal.

  4. Take another piece of paper and reflect on times when you've stepped in to heal or help when it might have been better to stay silent. Coming into the fullness of being a Healer or Rescuer is allowing others to fulfil their own destiny by learning their own lessons. 

  5. Lastly, sit in meditation for 5 or 10 minutes and allow your inner wisdom to provide you with any further signs or signals that will help you on your healing journey. Let whatever arises be perfect (even if you don't understand). This process can help you loosen your archetypal attachments.

  6. When we're ready to take full ownership of the Healer or Rescuer archetype we begin to see how the final stage is actually letting it go. By handing it over to Source we become more free which increases our healing power and enables us to see the world more clearly. Which, ultimately results in us attracting a partner who's also in alignment with a higher vibration.


Anxiety feels like a rotten apple in our pocket. We want to throw it away.  But instead it swirls and twirls and starts to stink while we try to pretend all is well. 

Anxiety, like anger, is an indication that something isn't right. But before we jump in and try to fix whatever it is what if we stopped and listened to what it has to say.

We can do that by tuning in to our feelings. 

  • Take three breaths and relax into your body. Get in touch with your anxiety.

  • What does it feel like for you? What happens in your body when you experience anxiety? Does it have a certain texture or quality that you can recognise? 

  • Does it stay in one place or move around? Does it feel light or heavy? Can you sense it on your skin or is it deeper inside, nestling around the spine?

  • If it moves, what sort of movement does it make? Is it jittery, jumping up and down at the solar plexus or inside the gut? Maybe you feel a tightness at the heart, as though someone was pulling a cord from behind your chest plate. However it shows up, stay as long as you can.

  • Be mindful that our tendency is to think our feelings. See if you can stay in the body and just feel. Resist the temptation to try and justify what you're feeling or needing to label it. Stay in your body.

  • Feeling takes practice. We're not used to it. We spend most of our time in our minds (or on our phones), which takes us out of the body. Learning to actually feel as opposed to thinking becomes easier the more we do it.

  • Try to be in your body as much as possible over the next 5 days. It can create tremendous shifts in consciousness. Befriending our anxiety by really feeling it is one of the most powerful transformation tools there is.

Being on the spiritual path can be exhausting. Continually doing the work, being the bigger person and processing all the energies can take its toll. Thankfully we know the importance of going inward and recharging our spiritual batteries.

Next time you want to get out of your body and retreat into cosmic consciousness I recommend Trigram Healing Hypnosis on YouTube.

Trigram has a huge selection of meditations including cellular healingmoney manifestation and general healing. I listen to them a few times a week and find them really rejuvenating. I hope you do too.