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Welcome to The Awakened Academy

Finding comfort and guidance as we look at life through a spiritual lens…

Here we are in the midst of a global 'pandemic'. I've been pondering some
of the deeper messages of this experience and figured you might be too.

Irrespective of your beliefs around how, why or where this all started, the fact is, we're in lockdown and life has dramatically changed. Currently, we can't change that, so what can we do?

If you're experiencing ups and downs or a loss of freedom, then consider reflecting on the following:

  1. Our Souls have agreed to be alive during this time. So, what and why do you think you're here?

  2. It's easy to get lost in mainstream media or the underground news. Doing your research is valuable and valid. But how does it make you feel? If it leaves you angry, frustrated or upset, it's worth remembering you have a choice. Choose to understand what you can and leave the rest. When it's time for us to know, we will.

  3. Trust that you are exactly where you're supposed to be, even if it feels like this is out of your control. Life is always out of our control. Our job is to meander towards the part that feels like 'Home'. That's not to deny or avoid something that's in front of us, but to recollect our sense of Self and tune in to Love whenever we can.

  4. Become aware of when your mind is taking over. It's usually when frustration and negative feelings are spiralling out of control. Having negative emotions is perfectly natural and we're not here to deny them. But check in and see if you're on an emotional treadmill. Tuning in can help us reset and gain more clarity. Clear thinking is helpful, ruminating isn't. If you find yourself spinning off into anger or pain, gently guide yourself back by putting your hand on your heart. 

  5. Whatever happens and wherever this goes, there is the possibility that we're in the midst of a Grand Awakening. Choose to reconnect with the light that shines inside of you as often as possible. It might make all the difference.



Robert Holden's book, Loveability is a great read at the best of times, but now might be more pertinent than ever. It includes some great ideas on how to journal about Love.

Why is that relevant you might ask? Well, now is a great time to transform any residual negativity so you can create space for more Light. Journalling is a great way to do that.

Holden invites us to consider: 'What did you learn about love from your mother, and what did you learn about love from your father?'

Your experience will be positive, negative or a mixture of both. Spending time contemplating and writing down your thoughts can begin a profound transformation.

Focusing our attention on Love (even if your experience was negative) can provide respite from the restrictions of our current situation. And in that, we can regain some sense of our lives being our own.

Through the art of journalling, we awaken whatever lies dormant in our psyche. By inviting old experiences up to the surface we bring them into our consciousness which is where they can be touched and transformed.

Whatever remains in the dark will forever leave us baffled. But when we learn how to steer our hearts toward the Light we open up to the possibility of experiencing ourselves as wholeheartedly Loveable.

And that serves every single member of the human race.


If anger is coming up for you during this time then here are some tips that are helpful for learning how to channel your fire in ways that serve.

  1. Never deny your anger. Anger is an intelligent emotion that is informing you that something needs to change.

  2. Feel it. Really get into the somatic experience of your anger. Where is it in your body? What temperature is it? Does it move around or is it still? Does it feel big or small? Does it have a colour or associated sound? Get to know it. 

  3. Be mindful that our tendency is to 'think' our feelings. Notice if you're giving it words or justifying why it's there. Never mind that. Stay in the body. Feel the feelings and let go of needing to know what any of it means.

  4. Once you are practiced at experiencing your anger and accepting that it is there and has a right to exist (volcanoes exist and we don't judge them when they explode, right?), you'll begin to notice that your anger dissipates by itself. Like all our emotions, it simply wants to be seen and heard. Be the parent to your inner child and allow the energy to transform in its own time. You'll be surprised how that happens once you're more adept at allowing it to be there.

  5. Anger is nature's fire. Learn to be with it. Let go of unconscious judgements by holding it like a small child. Let it be there and simply watch what it does. We can learn a lot from our emotions.

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