"Self awareness is the key to happiness"

Let's tap into life's deepest wisdom together. It's way more fun with a cosmic team on board!

Life is full of magic and mysteries and I love having expansive experiences with others…

In addition to my work as a life coach I've been a writer/editor for
25 years and have worked on over 40 iconic magazines including Marie Claire, New Idea, Women's Health, Men's Health, Mindfood, Better Homes and GardensI'm currently the Wellness Editor for Who and write meditation scripts for centr.com

   Words and language help us understand ourselves and when we can clearly articulate our thoughts and feelings life falls into place.

   But there's more to us than words. Since the age of 3, I've been deeply aware that there's WAY more going on than meets the eye. That awareness inspired me to study and become qualified in Reiki, reflexology, NLP, massage, polarity therapy, life coaching, meditation and yoga. 

    What my career and personal life continually show me is that a willingness to be open and the ability to ask the right questions – such as, 'What does Life want me to know today? – increases our awareness. And in my opinion, awareness is the key to living a more purposeful and meaningful life. 

   Would you like to join me on that path?

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