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As of 2024 I've introduced a new payment layer for meditation clas: Community, Standard, and Premium. 

See below for an explanation of how it works.

Pay What You Can

Community Price

This is for anyone on a low income, that includes students and seniors but might also be people working full-time who have a lot of expenses. Cashflow can flow in and out and I would prefer someone receive an intuitive guidance session or be able to join meditation class or yoga without worrying. 

Standard Price

The standard price is the usual price; what I hope you can pay if life is going well for you. My prices are reasonable and in line with market value (probably a bit lower tbh), so if you can afford the standard price, please click that option. I really appreciate your honesty and it helps me pay my bills.

Premium Price

Just as some people have less disposable income, others have more. Most of my services (meditation, yoga and tarot) only have two price options: community and standard. But when it comes to coaching and intuitive guidance you have the option to pay a little extra. Only if you can, and only if it feels right.

In summary: I want my services to be available to as many people as possible. Your income can fluctuate so please choose the price that is honest and manageable for you in the moment.


Paying what you can allows our exchange to be authentic and vulnerable on both sides.

Thank you in advance.

Hannah xx


Want a quote for meditation at your school, club or a corporate function? Send me some details and I'll get back to you asap.

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