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Personal Development Coach

What is Personal Development Coaching?

"Follow the path that has a heart…" Don Juan to Carlos Castaneda

Personal Development Coaching is a process that helps you understand your innermost thoughts, habits and behaviours. It's most useful for people who are already pretty self-aware and who want to go deeper. It is less about following a linear pathway and more about learning to listen to your own heart.

It's super helpful if you're lacking confidence: it can help you unravel blocks that are preventing you from building strong and healthy relationships. Increased self-awareness can assist you in navigating a new career path that's more fulfilling or meaningful.

Whenever you're at a crossroads and don't know what to do, personal development coaching will steer you back onto your path. It helps you recognise and carve out the right direction for you.

Developing on a personal level invites inner enquiry: questions such as Who Am I? Why Am I Here? What is my purpose will arise. Not necessarily in those words, but Personal Development is the journey within.

At some point you'll meet the need to question what spirituality means for you. You'll need to spend time in reflection and will ponder if all this Doing is really what life is all about. Is there a better way?

What's so enlivening about Personal Development Coaching is there is no single path. Each of us has our own truth, and finding it is what Personal Development Coaching is all about. If you're ready to create a new life for yourself then this style of coaching could be for you. It doesn't really matter what situation you find yourself in, the work will reveal itself, whatever shows up.


Meeting our edge is where the jewels lie. Personal Development provides limitless tools and resources that help you stretch your edge and consistently create new paths that expand your ability to feel a sense of aliveness.


If you're a seeker, you'll eventually start finding those jewels. And from there … anything's possible.

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