When Spirituality Sucks

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OmSo, you’re a spiritual being, right?

You know there’s more to life than flesh and bones, a career and a mortgage. You’ve probably read hundreds of books on subjects like positive thinking, soulmates, spiritual intelligence and the law of attraction.

I’ll bet you even own a crystal (or two), have done at least one ritual than was intended to bring you the thing you most want (love, money etc), and I’ll also take a stab that you meditate (or try), and have been to at least one Hay House or Tony Robbins workshop, or some other breakthrough to success type deal.

So why then, does it feel SO DAMN HARD to be this way? Why is it that other people can seem to waft through life without ever having seen The Secret and can manifest a great career, financial abundance and an enviable love life, when they don’t even do any of the stuff you do?

It’s annoying, huh!

And there’s a very good reason for that.

The spiritual path isn’t easy. The trenches are deep, the road is long and sometimes it feels like someone turned the f*cking streetlights off and it surely must all be a sick joke. And you’re the only one who hasn’t been told the punchline.


But that’s the whole point of the spiritual path. Without the hideous lows there would be no celestial highs. In order to know Absolute and Divine Love, you must also know total and utter destruction and abhorrence.

The spiritual path is one of divine dichotomy. Good does not exist without bad. You don’t get to eat the fruit of the kingdom of Heaven without having had a few charred and burnt barbecues in Hell.

That, I’m afraid is the deal you signed up for. But the good news is, the further you travel and the deeper you go, the greater and more frequent are the highs. Because what you ultimately learn along the way is how to see the good in the bad.

Spirituality is a path. A process. You don’t get to be enlightened just because you want to be.

For whatever reason (and maybe there isn’t even a reason, maybe it just is) you have chosen the spiritual path. And what comes with that is deep and integrative learning. Anyone who chooses to walk through life this way, at this level will be thrown numerous obstacles to help them see The Truth.

According to the Baghavad Gita The Truth is something that never changes.

I invite you to consider what in your life never changes or has never changed? I’m not going to give you an answer to that because understanding it is part of your own journey, and the bummer about the spiritual path is that no-one can ever give you the answers. But if you take time to consider that one question, you might just come to a new breakthrough. Maybe.

Other people can guide you on where to find the answers, with the greatest of goodwill they can even show you them and explain them, but your understanding of them will only come with time. The spiritual path unfolds with every new lesson we learn. Every petal that unfolds allows another one the space to do the same. It’s the thousand petalled lotus that the Buddhists talk about.

Enlightenment is the blossoming of a thousand petals.

That’s not gonna happen overnight. And that’s OK.

Your lessons will appear differently to mine, because your life and your circumstances are different to mine. The overall understanding will be the same for all of us, but the path that leads us there is personalised.

So in order to enjoy the spiritual path, the best advice I can give is to at least understand and know that there is nowhere you need to be that you’re not already. The fact that you call yourself spiritual is enough. Truly.

You are already on the path, and you already know more than you even realise. Because at some point along the way, you’ll have a big Aha moment (it’ll usually follow a few days or weeks of feeling really annoyed with life). And in that moment, you’ll understand that every single moment that went before was exactly what you needed!

And that understanding will continue to grow and be relearned until it becomes a knowing. A certainty.

I’m sure you already get this on an intellectual level, and probably already tell yourself this with a shrug when things are still not going your way.

The road is long and winding. The Beatles knew that and so do you.

But there is a way you can ease the pain somewhat, and that is by having a guru to guide you. Someone who has travelled the path before you, who can recognise the pitfalls for what they are, and who can help you understand how it is helping you personally.

A life coach is a modern-day guru of sorts.

I know that I still have tonnes more to learn, but I also know a million trenches that I’ve fallen into a million times, and I know the thoughts I used to have felt so real but  I now understand them as gifts. I know why some of those things happened and I can explain them to you.

Your path is your own. Your lessons are yours to learn. But if you’re at the end of your spiritual tether and feel like there can’t be another single thing that you haven’t already tried, then maybe it’s time for you to hire a coach.

Someone who can walk with you along your own individual path, and who can guide you out of those trenches without the scratches and wounds that it would take to navigate the path on your own.

You’ll know if it’s time, because you’ll feel ready to go deeper, and you’ll know that you’ve already tried every single trick, ritual and meditation in the book.

I can help you. I promise. When I hired a coach my whole life opened up like a lotus flower, so now it’s my turn to help you. Contact me today and tell me what it is you really want and I’ll gift you with a free coaching session.

But you’ll have to decide if you’re ready for that.

Choose love,

Hannah x


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